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As a Perth gynaecologist, I see patients from all over the metro area. On this page, I explain a range of gynaecological issues I can help you with.


Heavy period | Dr Roger Perkins Perth


Heavy periods




Uterine polyps

Ovarian cysts

Painful intercourse


"Only a few doctors in Perth do tubal sterilisation reversals and vasectomy reversals. If you opted for a more permanent birth control method but your circumstances have changed, I welcome you to make an appointment."
Dr Roger Perkins Perth Gynaecologist

Tubal sterilisation reversal

"Women who have had their "tubes tied" can have the procedure surgically reversed. Using a microscope, the fallopian tubes that were blocked previously are reconnected to the remainder of the fallopian tubes with tiny stitches."
Dr Roger Perkins Perth Gynaecologist

Asherman’s syndrome


LLETZ procedure

Menopause and perimenopause


Mullerian anomalies

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