Dr Roger Perkins
Male Fertility Specialist

Male infertility procedures
  • Micro TESE
  • TESA
  • Vasectomy reversal
Male infertility procedures are a particular interest of mine, and I have extensive experience in these very specialised male procedures to treat infertility. I believe that male-factor infertility deserves the full attention of a qualified fertility specialist, in order to optimise your chances of conceiving.

Dr Roger Perkins | Male Fertility Specialist Perth

Micro TESE

Micro TESE is a highly specialised procedure and is undertaken by an andrology trained fertility specialist, in order to extract sperm from the testes. This type of procedure, as part of a fertility treatment, is recommended in cases where there is no sperm reaching the ejaculate. This is caused by damage to the sperm-making tubules in the testes.


  • Azoospermia caused by damage to testicular tissue.

Often the testes will measure smaller than normal and usually accompanied by pituitary hormone changes in a blood sample.


  • Undescended testes
  • Chemotherapy as part of cancer treatment
  • Injury to the testes
  • Infection, such as STI
  • Chromosomal disorder
  • Genetic
  • Sometimes the cause is unknown
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This is carried out in the operating theatre under general anaesthetic. It is a day surgery procedure. Accompanying me in theatre are two scientists trained in identifying sperm from very tiny tissue samples. One or both testes are examined in minute detail using a powerful operating microscope after making an incision into the testis. The aim is to identify which particular area within the testis is producing sperm. A tiny sample is removed and immediately examined by the laboratory staff using a bench microscope in the operating theatre. In this way, only very small samples are removed, and I am able to judge immediately if the extraction was successful, or whether to continue searching. Typically, the seminiferous tubules which have sperm production are slightly plumper and more opaque in colour. The micro TESE technique makes sperm extraction more successful and also requires less tissue to be sampled than the older technique of simple random biopsies. The operation may take up to 4 hours. Overall success for sperm extraction is 50% of cases.

Micro TESE must be undertaken by a specialist in infertility with advanced andrology training and experience using the microscope, in order to be fully effective. I have gained the necessary experience and have been doing this procedure at my Perth practice for many of my patients.

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Dr Roger Perkins | Perth Male Infertility Specialist


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Dr Roger Perkins | Vasectomy Specialist Perth

Vasectomy reversal

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Dr Roger Perkins | Andrologist Perth

Male infertility specialist

I work as a Fertility Specialist with both men and women in order to assist fertility. Men and women have differing conditions and need individualised care.

I have undertaken further training in Andrology to enable me to treat certain conditions unique to male fertility. It is important to look at the man as a whole and to treat appropriately. I am one of the only Fertility Specialists in Perth who has the skills to undertake these highly specialised male fertility procedures.

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"My aim is to make you feel comfortable at all times. My consultation style is unrushed and I respect your schedule by minimising waiting times. You are a unique person and I make it my goal to truly get to know you."
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